Welcome to Truck Parking Reservations™

There are 2.5 million trucks on the road AND there are only 400 thousand truck parking spaces. According to research, it takes an average driver 3 hours to find an available place to park.

We propose to solve this problem by providing a schedule in the cloud that is available for everybody to locate and reserve a space to park.

Introducing Truck Parking Reservations™

The Reserve Wizard™

ReserveWizard™ is a used by the driver to claim a space for parking. The plan is to make the reservation process so easy and intuitive it can be used under any typical condition

Truck Parking Reservations™ Demo

  • In a truck -- Using a smartphone, the trucker needs to request a space with as few clicks possible.
  • From the office -- On the PC or smartphone

The Site Manager

SiteMgr™ is used by the truck parking property manager to manage the spaces.